Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Our Time Together"

I have this little job Lord, you know about it. I am standing on a street corner holding a sign advertising for an apartment complex.

It's really hard on me to stand there for two hours, my feet ache my back hurts and I get so bored. I thought wow this is horrible standing here doing nothing.

Then you reached down and thumped me gently ond day and said "this could be our time you know!" So now I stand there thinking about what I can do here on this blog, how I can respond to others, praying and talking to You. I sing songs about You and I ask You to bless all these people as they drive past me and take them home safely, showing them that You took care of them.

It makes the time go a lot faster, it doesn't feel like wasted time anymore and I am really enjoying having 2 hours with just You and no interuptions.

To bad I didn't think of it myself but thank You for handing that to me Jesus. And You already know to be prepared to control me, there is no telling what I'm going to think of to do next!


  1. What a wonderful blessing. Two hours a day alone with God!

    When you get to heaven there will be a long line of people wanting to thank you for praying for them. Thank you that they made it safely home from work. Thanking you that God began to work in their lives because you prayed.

    I'll bet you're praying for the same people driving to and from work day after day. Praying for God to reveal Himself to them.

    How powerful is that!


  2. what a wonderful way to make the time go by.


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