Monday, March 23, 2009

"One Order of Fries with One Onion Ring Lord"

My grandchild Z who lives with me went to his dad's for about week because his grandfather died. Saturday was the day I picked him up to bring him home.

He called Saturday and asked "can you pick me up at 5:00pm and can you bring me food, I'm starving". Of course I said sure! They only eat one meal a day (evening) at their house and he is use to eating all day.

I met them and picked him up at Hardees where I was waiting with the biggest burger they have and an order of fries. My food was also in the bag.

He dug into the bag and began to eat-a-way. As I drove he reached the bottom of 'my' fries and pulled out an onion ring. "Wow" "you know almost every time I get an order of fries there's almost always one onion ring in there", "Sometimes I think God is smiling at me with that one onion ring in there, is that stupid or what!"

Absolutely not! "yeah! but it's just an onion ring", it's not just an onion ring, it's a smile from God. He was grinning and talking, I told him God uses any tool available to make you think of Him, if an onion ring does it for you, than an onion ring it is - no matter how silly it sounds. Nothing is too small for God to care about, as long as you think of Him. He wants you to see Him in EVERYTHING.

Y'all may not believe this but I promise to you, he reached in the bag and pulled out his order of fries and one onion ring was sitting on the top of the order of fries. He broke out in laughter and a bigger WOW. We both smiled and I drove along humming Jesus loves me.

I know for sure that God uses whatever He needs to to make you think of Him and that can be whatever is most important or fun to us. It can be every time you look into your grandchild's face or every time you look at a tree but, if you invite Him to - he will make sure you see Him in everything you do.

I believe that God the Father loves to show himself to us, He just wants to know we think of Him and we put Him into everything we do.

Yep, even an onion ring Z!

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  1. How beautiful this truth is, Miawa. God pays attention to every tiny detail of our lives. And that is one of the things that is so endearing about Him.

    Whatever matters to us, matters to Him. I'm so glad Z has learned this lesson early on.

    Thank you, Father, that you do not reveal these things to the "wise," but to those who come to you as a little child.



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