Monday, March 16, 2009

No family day - Yet!

Things didn't work out this Sunday. Two families of the kids went camping and two others went off on Sunday for the day. We cancelled family day till another Sunday. It's OK, we will have it.

Serina came over to spend the afternoon and said the lady took them to SS this week. Praise God our prayers were answered. But she misses our SS, she doesn't like it there. She is our SS class secretary and she really took the job seriously and enjoyed it. I encouraged her about the other SS class but I really miss her and J in class too.

We studied in Genesis "God made the world", "God made me", "God made family" then "I am my brothers keeper" and "Noah and the ark" and since Easter is coming we are going to the New Testament now and begin there to lead up to the resurrection, keep praying for us!

They really liked the lesson on "My brothers keeper" about Cain and Abel, they understood about being one family with God and were so excited to learn that they are not just neighbors but brothers and sisters, all of them. They love saying now, "he's my brother, he's my brother"!

Jimmy and I had a talk 3 days ago (again) because the other kids won't play with him. I've talked to them and encouraged them but he's really difficult to play with - they don't like him and rightfully so. I talked to all of them together and was honest with J about why they don't want to play with him. He listened and we went over example after example. Surprisingly he promised to do things differently and for 2 days he has. He comes over and politely asks, "can I play with y'all, I promise to play right, I won't behave like I use to" They let him play and thank you Lord he is doing really well. I proud of them too for giving their "brother" another chance.

Well it's monday and I have to take Z to his dad's because Z's grandpa died and he will be with them for 3 days through the funeral.

You all have a great week, I'll be back wednesday, the Lord has already laid a topic to study on my heart so that's where I will be going.


  1. Baby steps. It's exciting to see them taking baby steps, isn't it? Lord, touch these children's hearts so that they will understand what the crucifixion and the resurrection mean for them.

    Help them to reach the point of accepting Christ as their Savior.

    Thank you for all you do. Now, I ask You to continue to guide Miawa and provide her with wisdom to teach and to love and to guide these children You have put in her care.


  2. It is exciting Jean and encouraging to my soul.

  3. sorry you guys didn't get your family day but it does sound like things are going well. So sorry to hear about Z's grandfather.


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