Friday, March 13, 2009

The Children

It has been a little while since I have wrote anything about the teriffic kids here. They are as wonderful as always and a blessing to be around.

We are still cooking out hamburgers and hotdogs, having Sunday School and having Sunday lunch together.

J is more to himself, the other kids are having problems getting along with him. He is a troubled child and I think his way of getting attention is by way of all the tattling he does (a lot of) and the other kids don't like it. He throws a fit when he doesn't get his way and then tells his dad that someone hit him or something like that when they really didn't touch him. I've tried talking to him and explaining but he doesn't listen very well. We are still working on these things and trying to improve his relationship skills, pray for little J please.

S is getting taller and more "girly" every day. She has stopped wearing all the tom-boy clothes and is wearing skirts and boots!. She looks a mess with the skirt all wrinkled and the top that doesn't match and is torn but she feels beautiful - you can see it in her face. To me she is beatiful! She cut her hair and it looks really good on her.

J and S were suppose to be going to Sunday School with the "big sister" lady, she took them once, I was so joyful but she hasn't taken them again. She picks them up Sunday Morning and takes them to the flea market and fun places but not to church. That means they are also missing Sunday School with us. Please pray for J and S and the lady - that she takes them to church or changes her day with them so they can join us.

A and J are still here for now. Angel is playful and lovable as always (he and Z are still best friends). Junior still doesn't come to SS and I just pray that he will go somewhere. A eats dinner with us 5 nights a week, they have had some real problems in their family. Please add their family to your prayer list.

J and N are gone. They had to move away and leave us. J is special with disorders and N is very withdrawn, pray for them where ever they are. I think about J often and wonder what has become of him but I know the Lord is watching him.

R and J are here this weekend which is great, they will be in Sunday School and I am really hoping his parents or Uncle and Aunt will come in the evening.

This Sunday March 15 is suppose to be our Family Sunday School day. We have set the time for 5:00 pm instead of morning to accomidate everyone. They will share what they are learning in Sunday School showing some of their work and fun stuff and then we will all have sandwiches which the kids are going to make. Be praying for us that the families show up and receive something of value!

Well that's about it, keep praying and great weekend to everyone.

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  1. I am praying for SS. And for these beautiful kids. God, help us as adults. Forgive us for what we do to our children. And what we don't do for them.

    Blessings Little Sister.



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