Monday, February 16, 2009

My Last Oldest Sister, Judy

Judy was different than all of us she was just on a different wave link, "marches to the beat of a different drummer" and all that.

I was such a bugger as a child and she was such an easy mark. Judy was completely quiet in her own little world with all her babies but when messed with she was the loudest child in the world. And yes I use to mess with her.

I can remember running by her like a whirl-wind and snatching her baby from her stroller, running as hard as I could and laughing even harder. Suddenly she was screaming like a banchi "mama, she kidnapped my baby, she kidnapped my baby" And of course there was no need to ask who 'she' was. Before mom could hit the screen door in a run and I would hear it slam open against the outside of the house, I like lightning was in my place, under the house. Yep laying under there and laughing so hard I thought I might bust. "Tiny you get out here (mom screaming) , get out here now" Knowing no one was coming there to get me!

Poor Judy she was as terrified as if I had really kidnapped a child and she still didn't hate me. Eventually she would laugh about it because I led her to laugh. And all was forgiven.

When we were a bit older (pre-teen) we had chores to do, dad saw to that. I only wanted to play, football, baseball, build forts, cars, trucks, Indians and cowboys - work, huh! And again I took advantage of Judy's kindness. Oooh! I don't want to do the dishes we are going to play ball, shoooot! and Judy was the one who would turn and say, "go on, I'll do the dishes for you". I don't know if I ever even said thank you. I don't think so because I don't remember saying it. THANK YOU JUDY.

Judy grew up, got married and had NINE, yes NINE children. She made it through one divorce and her 2nd husband's death. She had her babies, all she had ever wanted.

She has been faithful to a church always and I know God loves that in her. She is not outspoken and doesn't sit on committees or lead any group, she doesn't even blog but she goes and listens every week and carries her children to church. And that is a servant of God.

One of her sons grew up to be a pastor, John. He is married has two children and we just recently found out a baby on the way.

I guess Judy is just love, she doesn't reach out in busy fulfilling areas like we strive to, she just loves. We went years with "stuff" between us also and now it's different. All those things by the grace of God have been just sifted away and the one thing left is simply love.

She calls me faithfully every other night between 7:00 and 7:15 pm, "how are you?" "I just wanted to check on you and make sure you were OK" faithfully! I still have to tease her, I watched the time tonight and at 7:01 I dialed her "I got'cha, I called you first" She started giggling and couldn't stop. I told her I had been watching the clock waiting and she couldn't stop laughing to answer me, "How are you Judy?"

Judy is soft hearted, very giving to me, strong in her faith and she is love. I'm sure that God loves her very much. I'll bet you she is "special" to Him.

Thank You Father for this sister who You made able to tolerate me and love me right through my devilish little character flaws, she is special to me too. Amen

I love you Judy!

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  1. Yea, you were a trouble-maker, weren't you?

    And Judy was so quiet, so shy, as a child.

    She's changed so much. We all have, thank goodness!

    I love you, Judy, and I pray God will take care of you and all of those nine children-each and every one of them.

    Love you both,


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