Monday, February 23, 2009

My Dearest Friend

That's me and my dearest friend MD in Tennessee when I visited her gosh, at least 10 years ago. Now we try every few years to meet half way in Atlanta and have a silly girl weekend in a motel, just sitting by the pool and eating all the junk we can get our hands on.

She called me today and it was as always wonderful to hear her voice. We met in 1972, 37 years ago. There was such a connection, such a perfect fit that we instantly loved each other.

Not time, distance, differences or others have been able to disconnect us. She was big, I was small, she was burly almost and I was primpy. I was gentle and she was loud and tough. We simply connected on a heart level that I can't explain.

She moved to Tennessee many years ago, many. We still talk at least once a month on a weekend for 2 hours or more. I know all about her children (in their 30's now) and their children and her sister and mother and even her husband who I have never met. She of course knows every detail of my life also as if miles had never separated us. 37 years and we still say "I miss and love you" every time we speak. I have complete faith, trust and confidence in her love as she does mine. I have never before and will never again know a friend on such a level. It's unexplainable.

My Lord the experience of such a great friendship is just a small example of the love from You. You Love the same way, without judgement, without requirements, without change over time or distance. I trust MD with my deepest feelings, I trust You with my eternity.

She can be distraught and say the worse things in the world to me, I wait and when she stops I softly say "are you through yet?" No! "OK let me know when it's all said", "I'll be right here". I know when she's done - she cries and I cry with her. She allows me the same and our relationship is never damaged by it. I know what's in her mouth is not what's in her heart. She knows every expression of emotion my voice can have and what's attached to that. After 37 years you know more about each other than a husband probably does.

It took me a long time to learn that God was that kind of a friend, not best or newest or longest but "truest" friend. MD is a blessing from God that I will ever be thankful for, I will be thankful for learning about that kind of love through her - lasting, forgiving, undying, completely unselfish love! Just like my Lord and Savior, that's how He loves us all.

John 15:9 As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.

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  1. What a gift! To bask in someone's complete and totally unconditional love is inexplicably wonderful.

    And to see in it God's love is even better than that.

    I can see that you, too, are learning that kind of love, Miawa. The more aware you become of Christ's great love for you, the more you love others.



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