Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Childs Heart

My grandson Z often has things cross his mind that are a bit deep. Not knowing the Bible as well as I should I usually defer his questions to my sister (thanks Jean).

How these things come to his 14 year old mind sometimes amazes me. And then I remind myself that God uses me to care for him and he uses him to care for me. These questions are things I need to know the answer to also.

Tonight he made a derogatory remark (the kind I have heard from adults) about the Jews. I corrected him and began to explain as best I was capable that the Jews are God's chosen people. That God loves them and loves Israel. He immediately came back with the same remark I have heard so many adults make "well if they are God's chosen how come they killed Jesus". Oh dear!

Well, "they" didn't. The ones present at that time did and the Romans and the heathens played a part in that. "they still don't believe in Him", no and that is between God and them - not you, right? Z didn't get it at all and I couldn't give him a satisfactory answer apparently. I explained it's never appropriate to mock or make fun or insult any people because of their race, color, heritage especially for something that their ancestors did, never.

Then he said "well while we're talking, explain to me why incest was OK?" What I asked him, "if God only made Adam and Eve (we talked about them in Sunday School) and they had kids because they ate the fruit, their kids had to marry each other didn't they?" Yi-yi-yi!

I told Z as far as I know Adam and Eve were the FIRST God made, I can only assume there were others after them and that's who their children married. "But how do you know?" "Can you show me in the bible?" No I can't but I will find out (look out Jean).

This one keeps me on my toes and I like it, he is part of my learning process. I regret that I didn't study the Bible my whole life and that means I often don't have the answer. However I do struggle to find it for him. I'm learning to find my way around God's Holy Word, I'm learning how to use the net with it's resources and my personal Resource Specialist - my sister. God has been so magnificent at supplying my needs, material and spiritual and I pray He keeps me on my toes for and by this little guy (well 5'9" is not exactly little).

(PS: If any of you want to participate in helping me with answers - feel free!)


  1. Amazing how God uses the most unlikely people, the most awful circumstances, to work good on us. Isn't it?

    You know I'm praying for ALL of you. God WILL answer those prayers in His way, in His time, for His glory.

    And it will be SO GOOD when He does.


  2. Wow he knows how to throw some good ones at you doesn't he? I don't think I would be able to come up with an answer for that one.

  3. Yes he throws me a curve all the time!


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