Monday, February 2, 2009

As We Flower, We Seed

Sunday has been a very blessed day.

Z is home safely and enjoyed his visit with his dad, which is not always the case unfortunately. We had a very nice Sunday School class this morning, missing two and added two.

Serina and Jimmy went to church this morning which is wonderful. Since we started having Sunday school Jimmy's "big sister" from the program, has decided to take Jimmy and Serina to church. I guess we sort of 'planted a seed' in our field we love, didn't we? Maybe she just hadn't thought of it before, I think it's wonderful and hope all the parents or someone else decides to do the same. I am praying it continues for them. So we missed them this morning but it was OK because they were in the house of God. Hallelujah! And she plans to take them every Sunday.

God sent two knew kids to join us. They belong to Mr. Bobby who I told y'all about a short time ago, the football guy. His nephew and niece were here this weekend and joined us. They only come once a month but they sure enjoyed it and each time they come to uncle Bobby's they want to come to Sunday School. Thank You Father. The picture is Angel, Tiffany and Rodney, Zack was also there today.

Our class went much better this week. Last week we had a great time with the Lord but I have to admit I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was. The little buggers kept veering off subject and I got lost a few times. So this week, I made myself an ABC - 1 2 3 outline, ah ha! This time I had a stopping and starting place - I got 'em!

There was much discussion by them they actually listened and afterward we had our chili and crackers with tropical fruit punch and everyone went off to play.

They are great kids and I love them, I love doing this with them, I pray that we can gather and worship and learn as long as they need to. I also pray that God reaches in the hearts of their families and takes them to worship together, maybe we will plant a whole garden here. Wouldn't that be wonderful if the outcome of this was that. God is working here.

Have a wonderful week everyone, let God bless you and pray.


  1. What a gorgeous garden you have, Miawa.

    Here's a post on a friend's blog that I want you to read. If you look through her older posts you'll find several mention her Grandmother.

    Made me think of you!

    Love & Prayers,

  2. Thnks, I will be reading it today and I'm looking forward to it.


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