Friday, February 6, 2009

My Sisters

I spoke with all three of my sisters today, such a blessing.

I can remember when we weren't close, we just grew up and each went their separate ways. I believe it was years sometimes that we didn't speak. Now I think back and wonder why. No I don't spend a lot of time dwelling on it but it crosses my mind.

I was trying to remember what we were like as kids, I well remember each of us and individual personalities but not many memories of us ever liking to spend time with each other. It's strange because I know we all love each other, now. What didn't we feel back then that would have made us need each other in our lives! Hm!

Well, I'm just grateful to God that we feel that closeness now and I am more grateful that God never shatters the bond, never looses touch, never forgets us. What would that be like, wow! If He wasn't there every time you needed Him, if He was taking a break (LOL) or decided He was better off without us.

Oh Lord God The Great Giver, The Selfless One, The Sharing and Caring One "how great Thou art!!!"

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  1. Oh, my! We're on the same wavelength this morning, Sis. Read my blog.

    I think I know all the psychological mumbo-jumbo that explains WHY we weren't close as kids. But, like you, I'm so glad it's in the past. It's gone. Those emotional barriers no longer stand between us.

    Thank you, Lord, Jesus, for my sisters. The same blood runs through our veins. The same genes drive us. Love for the same parents unites us. The same Lord loves us.



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