Friday, February 27, 2009

It feels so good!

I have missed some days here and am really joyous to be sitting here now writing on my blog site. It is I pray serving a purpose for God and is very therapudic for me.

Recently my life has gone through some changes and I am just hanging in there through prayer and love. They are good changes but the adjustments are never easy.

I have allowed myself to get behind and playing "catch-up" is a game I never enjoy.

Lord when I stay on track and follow your will I feel so much closer to You and my daily walk is easier. I get busy sometimes and forget to stop and wait on You - which always is a mistake.

Two of my sisters CC and Ju (minus sister J) and I went to lunch Wednesday and had such a grand time. We laughed and teased and had sister conversation. Nothing dreary or depressing was allowed to creep in just fun. Thank You for that precious day which I so needed to restart myself with.

We went to Pizza Hut and ate pizza, salads and those yummy chocolate desert strips of bread that you also dip in chocolate. 3 fat, jolly old lady sisters and a platter of chocolates - how can you go wrong! It was Ju's birthday and she laughed through the whole meet. Then we went to a dollar store and drove everone there crazy (LOL). Yep, the only thing missing was Jean, and we did miss you.

I promised God I would be faithful to Him through this blog so - I had my little vacation and here I am Lord - I'm back!

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  1. And I'm so glad you ARE!

    Breathe. Just breathe.

    Love you,


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