Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday School, Always a Blessing

Yesterday Sunday School was such an overwhelming blessing!

One of the other kids joined us, Sid (I've been praying he would make it) and he a lot to contribute. We had our prepared lesson "Cain and Abel - Am I my brothers keeper?" and managed to get through it. I have accepted the fact that these children are never going to stay completely on track - they have too many questions. I have also decided that is OK, even a God Sent.

We touch base with the lesson and then they start thinking and off we go, and thank You Lord for that. I just have to be better prepared for it. If there is a shortcoming here it is mine.

How can there be a God? I was told nobody made God, that's not possible is it? He had to begin somewhere, he had to, didn't He? Somebody had to make Him? WOW

God made Adam and Eve but He didn't make us, we were born 'cause of our Mom and Dad, so God didn't make us did He? OK!!!

Have you ever heard of Astrodm-somebody Ms Rose? He said the world will end in 2012, that's when we are all going to die isn't it? I read that the sky will turn black as night and the Apocalypse will happen and it will all be over, that's in 2012 right? Lord I REALLY NEED HELP!

I'm doing the best I can but they sure make me feel inadequate and I just pray that God feeds me the right thing to say and my ears to my heart are wide open to hear Him.

We had Sunday School then lunch as always and they gobbled down every last drop. Lasagna hamburger helper this week - they loved it! They were all really hungry today and I am so grateful Father that you keep providing meals for these kids, so grateful.

We discussed having a family day. I looked at the calendar and we decided on March 15 (Angels's dad is working out of town right now). Everyone please be praying that their parents and siblings will come and enjoy snack and a lesson with us. Maybe even a really inexpensive lunch so we socialize and pray together. I'm thinking about a guest speaker too. Just keep praying that their families join us.

I told them that we can make some invitations on the pc and they can prepare the food, that excited them.

We are growing Lord, not in number but in You. We are growing.


  1. I am AMAZED! Were I in your shoes I would be trembling. Their minds are running a marathon, aren't they? You'll never feel adequate, Miawa. Never feel smart enough or quick enough or prepared enough for those kinds of questions.

    But when you aren't enough, God is. He is. He is filling every empty space you have. He is supplying for every question mark in your head. He IS.

    When the Children of Israel had too many questions, too deep questions for Moses God gave him the answer--He is I AM.

    Lord, answer the questions of their heads so that their questions can move to their hearts.

    In Jesus' Name.


  2. Thank you Jean for your "forever" love, encouragement and prayers. I love you sister

  3. wow they handed you some doozies didn't they?...Glad you had a good Sunday. The family day sounds like fun.

  4. Miawa, my friend, B. emailed this comment to me about your post.

    I feel Our Lord is really working through Miawa. I've emailed her blog to two friends of mine. I'm so happy for her and all the children and famililies that can be helped through these activities. And what a caring spirit Miawa has. She is just allowing God to work through her. I will continue to remember her in my daily prayers.


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