Monday, January 19, 2009

Amazing things through prayer

Yep, amazing things are happening with this little group God allows me to help Him take care.

They are still kids and still have moments but are showing such growth, I told y'all about Jimmy helping his neighbor and the amazing thing is he is still doing it!

Sarina is getting more 'girly' every day and spending more time alone with me instead of tumbling in the dirt with the boys, she is growing too.

However what's really amazing is the parents, I am so pleased and I know my Father is. Angel's parents saw how much time they spend here and got concerned about 'me' and they started playing with all the kids (in groups) things like playing dodge ball and flying kites. It's great to see them with the children, the Lord has led them to pitch in and I can see they are blessed by it. All the kids call me g-ma Rose and now they call Angels mom 'mommy' she smiles so big and so do the children. They are learning to develop relationships.

There is another man living here named Bobby, he has no children but he and his fiance have a nephew that visits one weekend a month. Bobby now gathers the kids and plays the mighty game of football with them. We have an open field here, it just happens to be a perfect place to play. They gather every few days with the couple and he is teaching them the game which includes good sportsmanship, team play and "I got your back". His fiance also takes pics of the kids and they love it. Together there's no tellin' how many pics we have and these kids so enjoy seeing there self in a picture.

I still love them, feed them and snack them but physically I can't do those things with them and thank You Jesus you have filled that need for them. We have kids show up that I don't even know who they are but they come to play (socialize and learn) because God has trusted us to share what we each have with these children. And if the number grows - thank You for that too Lord, thank You.

God is truly seeing and filling the needs for these kids and I love Him so much for it. Where I fall short He has seen to send someone else to help with them. Isn't God truly Amazing!!!!!!!!

All of your love and prayers are coming through, God hears and answers every prayer.
(Hmmm! here I go thinking again but you know, if God were to send us a preacher for Sunday morning we could even have church here for these kids in that awesome field, hmmm, just a thought Lord toss it around a little and let me know)


  1. Awesome, God! His heart aches for His children, too. He is wonderfully kind & full of mercy to provide for the needs of ALL His children.

    How incredibly blessed you are to be a part of that plan, Miawa.

    A preacher. Yes, Lord. I agree with Miawa. Will you send a minister, a teacher, to open up your Word for these children and their parents & friends? Lord, SOMEONE to show them how to accept Christ into their lives to be their own personal Savior.

    Adonai! Have mercy!


  2. Amen, prayers are being lifted Lord and I know you are listening.


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