Friday, January 9, 2009

Me and the Jazzy - full speed ahead!

I went back to the nature trail today to return the sweet cross I found. I also took my camera and once again enjoyed the new things I found.

Me and the jazzy chair rolling along at high speeds darting down the path scanning and scoping as I ventured. I saw beautiful plants like the pictures posted. The first were cascades of hundreds of blooms, three feet long and very heavy each. Some limbs had 3 cascades WOW! So I of course had to look closer and saw that the stems were 2 inches in diameter and very tough like bamboo. Lord I said, You planned every tiny detail to protect and care for this plant, just as You do for me and my life. Why don't I always listen?

So I used my camera and got really close to take a macro shot of just one of the blooms and was amazed that each is a 5 point star with the seed pod in the center. Sooooo pretty, and hearty. I think this plant may could withstand almost any kind of weather that's thrown at it. And I thought you know it wasn't necessary for this to be a star or so beautiful maybe God added that just for us.

I saw beautiful coral and red's, purple's, White's and yellow's but what stopped me in my tracks was the tree. I looked at it barren but for a few leaves and just sat there. I wondered is this tree having trouble letting go of the old leaves that should have fallen away or is it refreshed and starting again with the new growth. I felt like praying and talking to God about it and He reminded me of how much trouble we as humans have letting go so He can refresh us and bring in the new. I have had to deal with that so many times, God right there and ready and me still hanging on.

It is human nature to hang on but it's not in our spiritual nature to do it. We battle ourselves over and over again. My sister J told me she prays to God to "save us from ourselves". I really know what that means now and wish I could help others with it. Letting God have control, letting God rescue us, Him making the decisions and us listening, letting God's will be done not ours.

The tree is awesome to me, the prayer was needed and the conversation - a blessing! Thank You God for putting "that" tree right in my path today.
Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.


  1. We're on the same track today, I think. Amazed by God's natural creation. And caused to wonder about ourselves by it.

    Blessings, Little Sister.



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