Friday, January 9, 2009

Thank You Father

I'm so pleased about the children I am blessed to have in my life and sometimes wonder am I reaching them? Am I giving them what God is telling me.

When these children first came into my life they were loud, rowdy, arguing, fighting little messes. And not to say they don't sometimes but they have definitely been learning about being better to each other and settling differences in another way, yep I have seen the change God is working Check Spellingin them. We have talked about settling things, not yelling, learning to play and work together about sharing and helping each other and their neighbors and parents.

Yesterday my little Jimmy came to my door and asked "have you got any cans?" what kind of cans I asked, "soda cans, you know cans". I do I told him. "Can I have 'em" Sure, what do want them for, I can save them for you from now on if you need.

He blew me away with his answer. "You know those old guys that live there (my neighbors), they are saving that kind of can and cashing them in for money they need, I want to help them so they will have more money" I could have kissed him a hundred times! I told him how pleased I am and how right it is to reach out to others in any way you can and I told him how wonderfully pleased that Jesus is with him. He smiled so big!

And sure enough today after school he was at my door again, " you got me any cans?" I gave him two (and some mints) and watched as he went to the neighbor and gave them to him. So sweet my Jesus, so sweet is seeing You work through children. Praise Your Name and Your Holy presence in all of us.


  1. Praise God!

    We must come to Him like little children: filled with faith & hope, dependent upon Him, obedient without a lot of questioning, trusting Him.



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