Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Going to Sleep with Prayer

I just got through tucking my baby in bed. Yes, he's 14 and still needs to be tucked in. I have to spread 'his' blanket over him, turn out the light, hug and kiss him as he tells me "good-night Bamma I love you" and I reply "I love you too buddy". And he goes off to sleep.

14 sounds a bit old but he has Asperger Syndrome Autism and pretty much everything he does is with immaturity for his age. He is about 5 years less mature than he should be and will continue to develop at that rate not the "norm". Even as an adult he will never reach full maturity.

This posting is not really about Z it's about maturity, love and acceptance. I guess it's about the need we each have for those same things on different levels and at different ages.

Here I am 57 and I still need to have my Savior tuck me in at night. I need to say "Good-night Lord, I love you" and I need to feel him say back to me "I love you too, go to sleep". I need Him to supply my needs of food, drink, a dwelling place, blessings and affection. I need to know that He is there with me, watching over me every night, taking care of me just like Z depends on me.

It's the same relationship. Like any parent caring for their child, He cares for us. There is so much comfort in that, you want to feel comfort and rest as you close your eyes? Go to sleep in the arms of Jesus every night.

Z is 14 and like when he was 4 and as it will be when he is 40, I have and will love him the same and so it is with my Lord and Savior, it will never change that He wants to care for me. I just have to be willing to let Him and so do you, have Love and Faith and Trust in the Lord God.


  1. just stopping to say that I love how your posts always give me that little reminder just when I seem to need it the most. Keep writing my friend.

  2. Thank you Ann it's always nice to hear from you miss-all-that (LOL). You are so talented and creative and I love that about you.


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