Thursday, January 22, 2009

This "Disposable" World

Exodus 20:13 Thou shalt not kill. ( God's 10 commandments to man)

Matthew 5:21
Ye have heard that it was said of them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment: (Christ said this)

We live in a society of disposable items. Disposable diapers, cell phones, bags, and disposable babies. I can't wrap my mind around that, it's such a horrific crime against God.

How our society developed to this point is beyond me. How it could become an acceptable practice, I can't fathom.

Oh I no that abortion has been around forever like prostitution but it in the past was something done in desperation, illegal and behind locked doors, a shameful secret back when God's people had a moral and spiritual conscience but not anymore. Now we have abortion clinics with open doors to anyone and 'anyone' comes willingly and gladly.

I knew a woman years back, she didn't take birth control pills because they made her gain weight and there was a danger of cancer and death to HERSELF. She had one abortion after the other, I know of at least 4. Each time she got pregnant she just went for another abortion like it was nothing. It was her chosen method of birth control.

And I am aware that this has been justified legally (God help our legal system) and morally by the determination that the fetus is not "a life", I beg to differ and will till the day I die. In my mind and I think scientifically anything human, beast, weed, plant of any kind that shows growth is alive. Right down to the spores and molds that infest us, if it grows it has life!

We are not any time soon going to change the legal system, maybe not at all but we have to make an attempt to reach the people individually to grow a spiritual conscience and learn that this is murder.

Kill: to deprive of life : cause the death of (Wikipedia)

To justify it in any way is against God's word. Sure there are plenty (millions) who don't care about God's word and our goal is to lead them to God and help them find that conscience with the knowledge of His Word.

I wish it was as simple as just waving a magic wand and it all changed - poof! But it certainly isn't that way. God gave us free will didn't He, and so we have the pleasure of and the responsibility of the choices we each make.

The legalization of abortion is probably the biggest mass murder of all mankind and it's history. Bigger numbers than the number of men, women and children lost to all wars. In the country of China alone the numbers are un-scopeable. And the US has joined that mass murder project and I can't imagine what the total must be here alone. It is the most despicable and horrendous crime of today.

We have to take steps, prayer, spreading His word, and touching people personally and we need to start taking them now. We need to put an end to the idea of "disposable babies". Join me in praying about it, sharing on your blogs and other's that you enter, Sunday School, Church, your place of employment, group gatherings, everywhere, it is legal mass murder, in unimaginable numbers.


  1. During the past eight years a lot of progress was made toward saving the unborn in this country. I think those of us who stand with you began to take it for granted that God was going to eliminate the horror of legal abortions. We began to feel "at ease in Zion."

    But now, the waves of change have already started building. I think that in the next twelve months we'll see those waves swell into a tsunami. I think that we who hold human life as sacred are going to have to wake up again and return to the mentality of rescuing as many unborn babies as we can. And of fighting the political system again.

    Change is coming. And I don't think we are going to like all the changes.

    God forgive us for taking too much for granted. God, help us to rescue the unborn, the most helpless of all victims.

  2. "God, help us to rescue the unborn, the most helpless of all victims".
    Amen! and thank you sister


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