Thursday, December 11, 2008

My "Thank You Lord for Today"

The wind is blowing outside like crazy you usually see this with a storm but tonight it's just wind. It rained all last night and today but that quit hours ago and the wind continues. It is so refreshing and clearing thank You Father.

We finished our snow globes we were making and well they are not perfect. Z made some with too much glitter and some with not enough. He made some with too much water and some with not enough - but they look great to me and I'm sure they will to to his aunts who receives them. He also finished the 3 necklaces he was making for his girl cousins. And a big OOPS on the other things uh- hum! He made sculptures of snakes and ugh! stuff for his male cousins and they were terrific until I helped him. I had the bright idea to put them in the oven on the lowest setting to dry out and OMGosh when we peeked in there were just piles of colored goo (LOL), bad idea! Sorry Z we will make something else.

Thank You Lord we had enough dinner tonight to feed an extra person, S was here with Z to eat and we each had plenty.

Slipping back into my memories I am thinking of a donkey I had as a child Ole Blue. I actually had more than one but she was my favorite. She was slow, quiet and cooperative exactly what Woolly, Jack, Happy Jack and Lucky Jack weren't. (I wasn't to creative with the names was I?) Slow, quiet and cooperative that's what I want to be Lord. Thanks for the memories of her.


  1. aww too bad about the snakes.

  2. I remember those donkeys, or at least, I remember riding them often. We had so much fun on those stubborn beasts, didn't we? Except when one would step on my foot and then refuse to budge.

    I used to really look forward t going to see those donkeys, brushing them, feeding them, riding them around Grandpa's place.

    More good memories.


  3. Yes, endless hours of fun. They were great creatures strong, stubborn, brawny and sweet pets.

    I still have a picture of Happy Jack when he was born. I'll have to go to my Flash drive and put that up one day.


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