Thursday, December 11, 2008

Come Back to Me

Father in Heaven .............You have laid it on my heart to talk in this blog site about so many things right now I am getting confused about where to start and stop (yeah, I know I live "confused"). If you look up the word confused in the dictionary you will see a picture of me! (LOL) I feel like if I were to just let 'er rip, there wouldn't be enough pages here.

I am so concerned about all these people in trouble right now and the word 'trial' instead of trouble keeps coming to my mind and heart.

So many I don't know are in ruin right now, some of my neighbors are in ruin right now. I spoke with my dd yesterday - her dh was just laid off and Lord she works for a huge international company who has infomed her and others as management that they are laying off a massive number of people in January. They through the goodness of their heart are allowing these people to work through Christmas. Being management she and many more may well be at the top of that list.

My sis CC, her daughter, another in management with a huge corporation is in trouble with all her finances and may loose her home also.. Her marriage failed and her income left with all the bills that a marriage creates is not enough.

Last night I got a phone call from my dearest, longest, bestes friend in the whole world MD she is facing devistation also. The bulk of her income depended on the stock investments her father made for her before his death. Wachovia - ouch! You know what has happened there and Lord her income has been reduced to almost nothing. Not enough to pay the bills like so many others.

And...her li'l sis MJ same thing. She has put in 22 years with a huge corporation Target in high management. She was waiting on retirement and all the beneits - she was laid off. She has gone to work in two menial jobs trying to stay afloat, she can't.

I am hurting for all these women and their families because they all live in homes that are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, they have multiple vehicles (all the expenses that brings), they have expensive and beautiful furniture and they have children to feed. They are commited to anything from country clubs to high balance credit cards.

My hurt is not at what they may loose it's at what they may fail to find in all of this, You. They need your help putting things into perspective. They need help letting go, they need help finding YOU.

America has gone far too long with far too much money and debt and POWER. Our economy in the United States of America is based on one major infuluence - 'interest'. It many years ago was based on a faith in You and as You know Lord that went out the window a long time ago.

I pray for these people to be able to let go and NOT find only devistation but find what You are trying to tell them, "come back to Me, I am The Answer". That is my simple and sincere prayer for all of this Lord Amen

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