Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Special Flowers in My Yard, Imagine That!

As kids we would pull the flower from the base and suck on them there is syrup in them, they are sweet as honey and yummy. There is so much in each flower you can actually harvest it.
I was surprised when I introduced the idea to my grand kids that they had not been told by their parents. They all love them and so do their friends now, so they aren't on my bushes for too long, all the kids like them now.

I have quite a few bushes, the kids in the neighborhood come in my yard and pluck them all the time and I let them think they got away with something! (It's a treat for all of us.)

They are such a neat little surprise, and you don't even have to go to a store and buy them. God is so good to us! You just have to look around to see that.
God bless you all and find your smile today, find your compassion and share them.


  1. I remember the honeysuckle vine growing all over the fence between our yard and Mr. Steele's yard. I used to pluck those & suck the nectar out of them, too.

    You're finding happy memories; that makes me happy.

    Blessings, Miawa.



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