Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Speed and motion

I remember with great detail my first skateboard - keep in mind I am 57 and yes smarties, we had skateboards back then. I can hear my grand kids now!

It was cut from a 2x6, my dad smoothed the wood and painted it a bright, bright orange it was a leftover paint, the color didn't matter. And the wheels were recycled from my roller skates I outgrew and TA-DA a skateboard was born. The store bought ones were polyurethene and had metal wheels but I didn't get one of those.

I never got new stuff, I was the 4Th girl child and I got a lot of clothes from my older sister while they got the new clothes because they grew out of them and I grew into their's. I never got a new bicycle, my dad picked up an old one sanded it down and painted it blue and white (the left over paint from his business signs, yeah even that was hand-me-down) but it was pretty on a Christmas morning and I never thought about it being used, I was to excited to be riding and boy did I. My knees were always just huge scabs from my reckless high speed glory riding. Just moving, fast as you can, never thinking about the stopping just the pleasure of the moment. I truly loved speed and still do.

The Lord has protected me so many time, so many. He has guarded me and shielded me and brought me here to this place. I have lost and buried more friends in the last 10 years than most of you have or will in your entire lives, most on motorcyles (women and men). All about speed, the glory and feel, the wind and the forces of nature that lunge through you as you do these insane and stupid acts. I always use to say "centrifugal force is my best friend". Wow how stupid I was.

God is my best friend, He is why I am here today, He is why I lived through the speeding and motion, the foolishness in and on the water, the drinking and partying HE IS THE ONLY REASON. Lord you have a purpose for me and some days I feel like a true idiot because I haven't figured it out yet but You do. You carried me through and brought me here for a reason. At least I got that much figured out! I'm getting there, slowly but surely I'm getting there Father Amen

PS: I still feel the call of the wild but with God I can let go of it instead of following it.

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  1. And you survived. I remember all those bumps and bruises. And the wild bicycle riding. And, didn't you have a surf board at some point in our uneventful childhood?

    Or was that cousin Fred?

    Praise God that He has a plan for each of us. He brings us through so many things and carries us over others to bring us to the point of realizing and surrendering to the fact that He does have a plan.

    Love you,


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