Friday, November 7, 2008

It's time to ring that bell!

What surprised me Wednesday Nov 5 2008 the day after the elections was the silence.

I supported McCain for the Presidency of the United States. That hope is over and the question is now what is next? Why did I support McCain instead of Obama and how do I continue to support my beliefs and still show support for the President of the Country I love.

The day before there were literally people all over my town - corners everywhere - yelling, screaming, waving signs. Thousands of passer-by's in auto's were blowing their horns and yelling out of their vehicles all for Obama. I kept coming back to one singular thought and feeling.

"My God, if all of these people in the United States of America supported You, believed in You, trusted You to save them instead of a man, waved signs and blew their horns, Lord what a different country this would be"

I didn't see the glory of the people united, I saw the sickness of a people separated. Desperate for someone to save them but looking in the wrong direction. I was truly sick at my stomach.

Two things I want to say:
1) . The day after, Wednesday Nov 5 AND THE SILENCE

I was on line in one of my blogs which was the only place I heard any discussion at all and what surprised me was the fear I heard. Fear from the very people who supported Obama. Over and over again I heard "we have really taken a chance, I hope he keeps his word", "what if he doesn't keep his promises" "if he breaks his promises we have made such a mistake" "I supported him, I hope it wasn't a mistake" " What????? this lack of confidence, lack of hope from the very people that were shouting in the street's the day before. Negative reactions or silence that's what I heard. I remember God telling us about the great deceiver and all of those thoughts and memories came flooding back. There is no doubt as to whether or not you can trust God or if He will keep His promise, no doubt at all.

I have said that I don't believe Obama is the antichrist (but who am I?) I do believe God is speaking to us and is saying that Obama is paving the road, preparing a path. I believe that he will bring about the beginning of the One Nation World (government) that marks the beginning of the end, I believe he will play a significant role in that. I believe also that it was inevitable God's Holy Word tells us THAT IT WILL COME TO PASS.

Can we stop it? No - we can prepare for it. We need to as Christians get off the fence, reach out and spread the word to everyone we know and every stranger. We need to share and be on our knees more than ever.

Did you know that it is already against the law to witness and to preach certain sermons in some states in the US and that some have already been arrested for breaking the "hate law's, no it's not a line from the movie it is real. T
hey do exist in the US, look it up you will find I am speaking the truth. Preaching about anything you believe to be wrong is showing hate and discrimination for that group of people. Any pastor can be pulled from the pulpit and arrested if he says the wrong words. "Hate law's" are in existence here in our country. We have to put the breaks on - .

A Christian man in an eastern state was arrested and faced 10 yrs imprisonment and $100,000 in fines for witnessing to a gay man. The gay man called the police and pressed charges under the new "hate law". To witness was to tell the man he was wrong (correcting him) - which implies hate. That's all you have to do is imply it and you have broke the law. It is inevitable God's word says so but please pay attention, wake up, get off the fence, prepare yourself and your family to be soldiers for Christ and reach out to others who need to know God loves them.

2) The vote is over, THE DEED IS DONE
We have no options now, the vote is over, it is truly in God's hands. In one of the conversations we had I said to the the other ladies in the chat room, "my prayer was that God would put his hand in this and that the one elected would be the one who more closely follows You Lord, thy will be done" I believe that God left this one strictly to us but I had to ask Him.

Now it's my turn for a show of faith isn't it. I can't be joyous right now about Obama but I can trust the Lord, my Father. Maybe (in my wild imagination) Obama is to become a work in progress for the Lord. Maybe this man will become exactly what God wants for him, Maybe this man will find his way - follow our Father and become what God needs him to be to lead this country back to God our Father. PRETTY BIG MAYBES, but maybe. Maybe we will lead him. We could, God gave us the power to do that, He gave us His power.

We need to be heard from the street corners, the churches, the choirs (choirs that use to march down the street singing out the word of God's love), the blowing of horns - we need to make ourselves heard. Quietly one on one, writing, speaking, preaching, art, in every form we need to make ourselves heard spreading the word of God. We have been polite, intimidated or suppressed and quiet for far to long, Satan has been to easily heard over our silence we have given him the podium. Churches need to have bell towers again that ring every time the church doors open and spread that beautiful sound of God's love to the whole neighborhood. What happened to the bell towers on churches? Oh Yeah! the noise annoyed the neighbors - well let's annoy them again. Praise-a-leuah !

Speak up, step up, shout Christians, it is time to ring that bell!


  1. Preach it, sister! I need to get off my duff and spread the news of salvation in Christ alone.



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