Monday, November 10, 2008

A Town Full of Tears

In the little town of Starke Florida where I lived until 6 months ago, a lit cross stood on top of the town's water tower for so many years I believe it was there when I was a child and I am 57.

Just a couple of years ago some strangers drove through town and saw it they didn't like it. They got the ACLU involved and sued because it was a symbol of religion on government property. The battle ensued in court for a couple of years and it seemed devastating when they won and that cross that lit this tiny town had to be removed. it was "A Town full of Tears" but then something absolutely miraculous happened.

One person decided to put a lit cross in their front lawn and dare someone to remove that one in court. In the passing weeks and months crosses went up all over town. I am not exaggerating saying that, at night when you drive down the streets you see them so frequently in front of homes or in windows in certain areas you wouldn't believe it without seeing it, some are taller than the houses. And shop owners have put them in their store windows and leave them to burn at night, crosses are on cars while stories have been written and shared nationally. God's Presence has been made known 10,000 times more because the one cross was removed. These symbols of Christs' love for us glow 365 nights a year as did that single 40 foot cross removed by this US government.

God and His infinite power turned this devastating, tearful act into one of the biggest blessings I have ever witnessed! They thought they won but God showed them! That one cross has multiplied by thousands and well, who is the real loser here?

(I believe God always provides a way, we have to grab hold of it and make it come to life, we have to, we are part of His plan.)


  1. What a wonderful story! I didn't know anything about the water tower cross.

    Thank you, Lord Jesus!

    Thank you, Miawa, for sharing this.



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