Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a poem today

How can anyone not see God in that picture! That is an untouched, correct photo of the nebula it takes my breath away!

Through out my life I have always for some reason I cannot explain, found comfort in reading and writing. I wrote many many stories which I did not save, I kept diaries and journals not saved. Writing is like therapy for me and I never intended those to be for anyone but myself.

But for some reason the poetry I always kept a copy of all the way back to the 6Th grade when I wrote my first poem. I don't have a story or a scripture to share today just a poem I wrote, long ago as an expression of my "calm place" as a result of my faith about leaving this earth . I pray that you find your "calm place" with death, fear and guilt and that place is in Christ Jesus.

In the night there shines a million stars
Stars of beauty and grace

Like fire they burn, their brilliance so great
In all the darkness of space

How each was born with such beauty to share
Is unbelievable to me of men

I can not know, or should even try
But, enjoy the light they now lend

I can not know how long they will stay
Or when their great fire will ease

I can not know how long I will stay
Or when God will say
------------Let this life cease

So I watch the stars of beauty and grace
And enjoy while we both are here

With patience and grace I look outward to see
The stars
------------And God who is always there


  1. Love your poem. I remember writing poems by the dozens when I was in junior high school but I never hung on to them.

  2. Beautiful thoughts. A calm peace in life and in the thought of death - of going to be with God.



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