Friday, October 17, 2008

My Personal Statement

I have been awake since 4:30 this morning, praying and thinking, just talking things over with God. I feel very shaken about this election coming up. Not because of economy or ecology but because I strongly believe that this is an election about how much the USA does or does not trust God and where it's faith lay.

I have my whole life been dumbfounded by "followers". People who based on emotions simply jumped on the bandwagon with anyone, instead of digging deep within their selves.

Are we aware of how many people all across the USA will be voting for a candidate because it is who Oprah endorses. Have you asked yourself who she is? She has no specific education as a leader, she has no particular spiritual religious preference, she portrayed herself as a leader and look how many are following. I can not believe how many times I have heard "Oprah said it" exactly who is Oprah? No one in my opinion. Other than personality and money what has she to offer you, what saving grace, none!

We follow anyone of status and money - I can't imagine any reason, any that would tempt me to follow Angelina Joli and yet she too has become an authority figure for hundreds of thousands of people who hinge on her word, and will follow her lead as a voter or a parent. Does any one else see how terribly ridiculous and dangerous all of this is? Angelina Joli, her life says what about Christ?

I read a book a few years ago by Billy Graham "The Storm". He discussed what a lot of people in America were and are still talking about. Many, many people are of the opinion that God is sending (raining if you will) fire and brimstone on the US in the form of floods, hurricanes, tornadoes - weather, foreign conflict and terrorism as punishment. He believes and I believe also that God is not choosing to send these to us He is choosing to not stand between them and us. These are all natural phenomenon or mans choices that as God's people He chose to protect us from in the past. But as His people in the US turn their backs on Him and His Holy Word so does He turn His back on us "not standing between us and the storm".

I believe that God is speaking to us through this election and that the choice we make is so terribly important because the outcome will stand for our faith in Christ or lack there of.

This great country which was founded on a belief in God and created for the purpose of freedom of religious choice has turned from Americanism to a teetering edge away from being a completely socialist state - knowing that should put the fear of God into anyone! We started on this path in 1935, a bill containing the original provisions for "Welfare", AFDC (Aid For Dependant Children, after Welfare Reform called Temporary Aid for Needy Families: TANF), was signed by president Roosevelt and the door was opened. How did it become a lifestyle?

This government was allowed control over lives because it handed out a check. Then worse than that came housing projects - now the government is handing a check as well as paying rent for some and telling them where to live, and even worse still came the food stamp program. Which is now responsible for enabling people from working and bankrupting social security stealing from the elderly who have in fact paid into it their whole lives. Allowing the government even more control not because the recipient needs temporary help but because so many are being allowed to live permanently that way is not the cure for any of this, it is the cause of it.

Do we want to stop this, you will be making the statement "no" if you vote for Obama who represents liberalism/socialism/fascism (Only Hillary being a bigger fascist than Obama) - to get even more - such as child care across the board and medical care across the board is to step deeper into that dark hole. PLEASE SEE THIS FOR WHAT IT IS, GOVERNMENT CONTROL under "SOCIALISM".

So many things need to change in the US but it starts on a personal level, with each individual, we have to choose God first, we have to work any job rather than none, we have to stand up and say NO. It would only be good for us to grow gardens, go fishing, live together as families, care for each other, ourselves and our neighbor again, work and help in our own communities and pool our money but we must say no to more government control, say no to socialism say yes to God.

I am asking all to pray steadfastly to God to lead you in your vote and cast your vote for His will and the good of this country and your families.

Vote McCain vote for Americanism, vote against socialism.

My prayers for all of you and the choices you must make please don't make these choices alone make them with God at your side, talking and listening to Him.

God's grace to each of you.


  1. Preach it, sister!

    "He believes and I believe also that God is not choosing to send these to us He is choosing to not stand between them and us." I had never thought of it that way before. What a profound statement.

    Thanks for blowing the trumpet, for sounding the wake-up call.

    "God, help us!" is my prayer.


  2. Thanks Aunt Nae. I plan to forward to all my friends. I love you.


  3. All I can say is that it is a shame that more people do not think like you do my friend.

  4. Thank you each my friends and family.


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