Monday, September 8, 2008

Morning Rituals

Ever think you just aren't tall enough or short enough or thin enough? I think we all have. We tend to be so critical of ourselves about physical appearances. It is such a priority with so many. We get up in the morning spending time to shower, dry hair, style hair, put on makeup and the list goes on. Picking the right thing to wear today and then there are the shoes.

Why don't we spend that kind of time preparing ourselves spiritually everyday? Most people I know don't spend any time. They just accept that they were saved and go on about their day. I have lived my life that way, it is not rewarding or comforting and does not set us on the path God has chosen for us that day.

As good as you feel when you have completed the task of preparing yourself physically to meet the world each day you can feel that good spiritually also and be ready to meet the world feeling stronger and up to God's expectations for you.

We humans have so many rituals in our lives and the one's we allow to go to the back burner are the spiritual ones. We make time for the other things and they become habit or ritual but we don't do that with our spiritual needs.

God needs us to, we need us to. Start the day just 15 minutes earlier and use that time to pray and open your Bible to just one verse a day to begin with. And eventually maybe you will choose to spend 5 minutes less on each "pretty" task for the outside and devote that time to the inside also.

When your day begins the right way it is much more apt to end the right way too.

Begin your day with 'spiritual' morning rituals also.

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  1. Miawa, you have such clear vision of our errors, I too see too much time spent on our appearences and how we are thought of by others, that are not nearly as important as our Dear Lord. Why we have a society that is simply afraid to spend 15 minutes a day visiting with our God. We worry about so much when we can spend time giving our troubles to God to handle and building a personal relationship with our Dear Lord. I am so sad to see I too have slipped in my faithfulness, when I so needed God, he lifted me up and carried me through , he needs me to share him with others near and far, I have been shameful in not giving God my attention as he gives me. Thank you for the wonderful reminder!


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