Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Pouring Lord I need a Bigger Umbrella

Yep, It's pouring, I have a flu bug, my grandson is in the hospital, my auto died, I can't seem to get legal papers in order for Z and get his doctors lined up, hmmm! Oh there has got to be more.

My daughter is very emotional because of her child's condition and I am very emotional because of hers. I need a job, my mother is coming here to live and for me to care for. My back hurts 7 days a week also my sister C had a stroke her daughter had a near heart attack and I don't know where to stop!

Phew! Lord I got problems and I need help but I just realized something, I don't want to pray for a bigger umbrella through this pouring, I want to pray for the sun to come out and the pouring to stop.

You are my Sunshine Father please handle it, I need you and I trust you. Amen

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  1. Lord, these don't sound like "showers of blessings."

    Like the puddles evaporate back into the sky I ask You to take all of these difficulties and turn them around for Miawa and her family.

    Lord, send the sun!



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