Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2nd Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh (NOTE)

Please forgive me for posting twice today,  (first post here) Sometimes I'm so duh!  I forgot to put this in my post because I'm scatter brained.  I had so many thoughts when writing the blog I posted earlier I had to cut myself off as my sister Jean knows.

I meant to say also that the number 3 represents God.  Numbers are referenced a lot in the Bible.  The number 3, 7, 11, 14  and of course the most familiar is 40 also the twelve tribes of Israel were given a number not a name.

YHVH being "All" and knowing all, used numbers in the original text knowing that as languages, spelling and meanings changed and colloquialisms happened Alpha language was not safe.  The value of a number never changes!  Since the beginning of time and till the end - no matter what language in what part of the world, three apples are three apples are three apples.  The language of numbers is "set" and unchangeable.

OK, Y(25)H(8)V(22)H(8) using these values (there numeric sequence in the A-Z alphabet) there are numerous combinations applyable and the end result of the problem is always 3, the number for the Great I Am That I Am.  I just happen to love Math.  And the more I looked at the letters YHVH the more I saw a rhythm, and just started rolling with it.  I was fascinated as I sat with a pen and a post-it pad scribbling away, I'm hopeless aren't I (LOL).

25-8=17  22-8=14 then 17-14=3
25+8=33 33-22=11 then 11-8=3
25-22=3  8-8=0 then 3-0=3
25*8=200 22*8=176 200-176=24 then  24/8=3
25-16=9 22-16=6 then 9-6=3

I'm sure there are more possibilities but you get the idea.  The value of YHVH is 3.  That is set in stone through all of time and eternity.    I bet some of you already knew that, I'm also sure someone else saw it a long time before I did, OK I'm slow sometimes too, but I am just filled right now with wanting to learn and investigating.

Just call me "Sherlock" Miawa for today
Bless you all


  1. Isn't God fascinating?

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  2. He certainly is.
    Thanks for the sites.

  3. This so interesting and revealatory Miawa; I always felt the number three is a very speacial number to God. Thanks for sharing,

  4. Nice to "see" you Toyin and your site looks beautiful. I saw the changes when I visited there. And it goes without saying I enjoyed every word you wrote.


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