Monday, November 29, 2010

Work Work Work

It's fall and I love it, I love my Sycamore tree. It almost works me to death during these months but it's the good kind of work.

I enjoy seeing the leaves fall, when the wind is blowing they just drop steadily like snowflakes. I enjoy the raking. It's almost therapeutic to get into the rhythm of swinging the rake repeatedly with the same repetitious sway of your arms and body as you watch the pile grow and grow. Yes it is certainly work and relaxing.
It feels good to just get out and move while breathing in the clean air of fall and have that time of solitude - just you, the monstrous tree and God. It's a great prayer time because your mind is freed from your thoughts with the repetitious movements.

As David said so eloquently:
Psalm 90:17
17And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.

I added a picture here of the tree with the nesting hole that sits at the top of one of the Sycamores three main trunks. Every spring a family of Woodpeckers returns to this same hole in this tree to nest and hatch a new family of little woodpeckers. Each spring one of my neighbors always asks me "How do you stand that infernal pecking they do", My only answer is "I love to hear it, I look forward to it all winter waiting to know that spring is here, it doesn't annoy me at all - it's the sound of new life"

I look at it in wonder trying to figure out how long it took them to find that perfect trunk (hollow), and the work involved in pecking out that perfectly circular opening. But again I say, who am I! I just accept with wonder that it was truly God's design, inherently placed in them for the survival of there species. How hard they work - we could take a lesson from them.

I will know it's spring again when I hear the peck, peck, peck and watch for the new babies they will produce here. And truth be known, my neighbors will be watching too - they can't seem to stop their selves from stopping by to watch for the offspring. How's Mr and Mrs Woodpecker, you seem them babies yet? New life is such a blessing to behold. I feel so much woe when I think of abortion, it breaks my heart. I'm sure the woodpeckers and other creatures never thought of abortion. It's not inherit in them OR US, that's something that man's evil mind created. Oh if people could just understand with their heart!


  1. Me, too! I love fall. I love to watch the leaves. I love the sound of woodpeckers and the sight of fledglings.

    And I love babies and hate abortion, too.


  2. I'll go along with the breathing in the fall air thing but I hate

  3. Well Annie, if you don't know by now that I am "a strange bird" maybe you'll figure it out today (LOL).

  4. Lovely post Miawa, love the beuatiful scent of Fall, it is a great time of the year. Try not to work too hard.

    I just also want to thank you for visting my blog and your gracious comment. Have a blessed week!


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