Monday, November 15, 2010

I Stopped Today and Noticed

I saw three doves today, how majestic Lord to see
They sat perched above
On limbs so frail
Just over my roof, in Your tree.

I saw three doves today, how beautiful Lord to see
A strong large male and
Two small females
As I stopped today, to notice Your beauty.

I saw three doves today, how thrilling Lord to see
Their stillness struck me so
As they stayed
With confidence and no fear of me

I saw three doves today, how amazing Lord to see
I felt Your grace so gentle,
As they perched straight and strong -
Starring, as if in fact, it was they had discovered me.

Three doves saw me today, how glorious Lord to see
They cooed with grace and softness,
I had to wonder Lord, if in starring back,
They felt Your grace in me.


Just a moment in time shared between God and me, another wondrous moment!


  1. This is beautiful poetry, Miawa!

    So insightful and revealing. What a poignant thought --did they see God in me?


  2. what a beautiful poem. A lovely moment in time


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