Friday, October 8, 2010

Picture Perfect Friday

I'm trying to think of something new for Fridays, but gee, I just love photo memories so much I can't seem to come up with anything new to send us off into the weekend with, well, nothing that shares a smile from God quite like my "happy moments" so, here we go again.

Two weeks ago Z and I went camping and last Friday I shared my butterfly moments with you, this Friday I want to share the black and whites I took that same trip. I love b/w photos (oops! my age is showing) and still take them whenever the scenery looks right for it to me.

This may look like just an old fence post to you but my eyes saw a beautiful traveling line to follow, "I couldn't stop myself, really".

This one, was early in the morning, the sky and the sun over the still water seemed I thought, the perfect picture but then a young father and son got my attention as they splashed through the water to go out fishing together, I caught them in the lens, and I realized "now it's perfect".

The water in this lake is up a LOT this year, thank You Lord, it's been down for 20 years here in Florida. That afternoon there was a lot of water movement and the small waves were crashing in quickly one behind the other. Without the sound of auto's, music, industry or anything man made, don't you love to just sit and hear the silence from man with the sound of nature echoing alone. "I do".

And last, Zachary gave me permission (if he only knew) to take his picture. He said "I got upset last time you tried to take my picture here so, do you want to take a picture of me? One, just one picture that's all, just one!" I was so shocked that he offered all on his own, I actually stuttered and stammered trying to say "yes, thank you" calmly and without a strong reaction, I stumbled about for those three words, while recovering from the shock of it.

Z, as you know by now from my blog, has AS Autism and in this last year has matured and begun managing his self so much better than in the years past, another answered prayer!

"Sharing my joys and memories along with God's love to each of you". Happy Friday!

Smile, share and rejoice this weekend, you'll like it!

If you can't feel anything wonderful going on around you, maybe it's just not right in front of your eyes. Wow do I have to struggle sometimes to find it, I'm ashamed of myself at times - But there is always something Glorious happening around us because God is with us.

From something so elegant as the birth of baby, a loved one that God has called home to Glory, or as simple as one magnificently colored leaf floating to the ground as you are blessed to be there to watch it, or a fuzzy little squirrel that shimmy's down a tree right before your eyes. To something as grand as the salvation of a another human,
Open the eyes to your heart and find that wonderful something, dig deep, see through God's eyes.

Psalm 72:19
And blessed be his glorious name for ever: and let the whole earth be filled with his glory; Amen, and Amen.

Psalm is from the 12 books called the Ketuvim (the Sacred Writings,), one of the three Wisdom books (Psalm, Proverbs, Job) in the Tanakh.

Divisions of KetuvimTehillim



  1. I love your picture perfect Fridays. You're becoming quite the photographer!

    Glory to God! Let the whole earth sing.


  2. Gorgeous black and whites. The father and son fishing is the perfect touch to that photo.
    I have to tell you that this
    If you can't feel anything wonderful going on around you, maybe it's just not right in front of your eyes.
    caught my attention. I'll have to remember that


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