Friday, September 24, 2010

Picture Perfect Friday

This is a little church I passed while traveling through some little town on my way home from Tampa. I didn't even get the name of the town.

Z was with me, I remember him saying as I veered off onto roads unknown - "Uh, we're doing that gypsy thing again aren't we?" I answered "yep" then he responded "cool!" We always find something interesting! (I know to head north and have gas in the tank, that's all that matters.)

It's not the smallest church in America, that one is in Georgia. I've been there and it is so sweet, it's about the size of a large tool shed but, wooden, white and beautiful with few rows of little pews inside. It's not the oldest, that one is in Orange Park Florida, been there too, that one is very small and ornate, it was I think Episcopalian and also not in use any more. It is also set up just to be viewed.

This one is still being used and I thought, magnificent. It's very small, it's a Methodist church that was built in 1827. That makes it 183 years old - amazing. Think about the generations of God's children who have paid enough attention to this church building to care for and maintenance it all this time. Think about all the hands that have touched it, all the hearts that have entered it's doorway and all the people who's souls have learned about our Lord in that 183 years.

I think about all the church buildings that have been deserted for financial and other reasons, I think about all the new, grand, large building we put up and accumulate the thousands of people having grand congregations and It makes me sad for some reason. Not that I don't understand how important growth is.

This little church has served it's community for 183 years, spreading the word of God and His works. I am awe struck, that it has not been emptied and deserted, more so that it has not been torn down as trash to make way for something new and grand but,through the grace of God, has fulfilled it's purpose and still continues. The mere fact that it still stands and can be viewed by everyone who passes by, knowing that it is Your House Father, is a strong testament to the probably tens of thousands of passer-by's a year, maybe more. People who pass by traveling through as it catches their eyes and I pray their hearts as it did mine.

I suppose some people may view this as a "lack of growth" but I can't believe that. I think God had every intention of this little testament standing there 183 years and years to come. I think that this little church stands exactly as it is suppose to according to God's plan, that's what my heart tells me as I stand there. God spoke to my heart so strongly and I believe His plan is that it was to speak to many hearts, many.

As always God, through the sight and other senses that you have blessed me with, I AM AMAZED.


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  1. What a beautiful little church. It looks to be in excellent condition for it's age. A sign of a loving congregation over the years to me.


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