Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So Here's the Deal Y'all...

Written with my lazy southern tongue, (the Magnolias are in bloom and got the best of me)

I get up every morn'n slowly un-krink'n (I know that ain't word) each joint so that I may then be able to begin the process of flexing my muscles, man!, and then be able to find at least one that actually works well enough yet, to pull myself out'a bed. Sheesh!

I often wonder what would I do if someone yelled FIRE! Would I have enough time to follow my typical process or better yet - would I be able to jump out'a bed and soar out the door like Wonder Woman due to all that adrenalin I am suppose to have.

(In case you're wonder'n, no this ain't a complaint post. I'm actually getting to the point just hang on.)

So now I'm up and work'n that old back to be able to walk and move in a semi normal manner (have I mentioned nothing about me is normal) when I get a text "Mom can you take V to work?" and "Mom can you take me to...and pick me up from..."

I have spent or I should say wasted a lot of time lately wonder'n why am I everyone's chauffeur, hm! Why am I constantly in the car when I got nowhere to go? R has to be somewhere, Mk has 2 appointments a week, the 2B's need a ride to get groceries, Mom has 2 Doctor appointments, needs scripts picked up, want's ice cream, V needs a ride to get and cash his pay check, Z needs to get to the library, and if I want'a see my other children or grandchildren I'LL be the one driv'n the distance - heaven forbid they would go out'a their way to see me (We'll talk about "family love and priorities" in another southern tongue post) - Oooh My Gosh!

Recently, God gave me one of them good ole thumps on the head that I to often need. The answer came to me like a bolt of lightnin had been sent along with that thump.
You dummy!, you asked for the job...whoa! I did didn't I.

Yep I remember now, that way, way back when as the Lord handed me a much needed car, being so grateful and excited that I, I with my own big mouth said, "thank You Lord for providing this and I am gonna use this gift for others. Just send 'em my way and bless this car, keep it run'n. Let me help other people who need like I did" "You can trust me, give it to me, give it to me!". Right about then is when if you could'a seen me you would'a know that I was pulling my foot out'a my mouth.

I do tend ta wander, I do forget, I do take for granted and I want'a say Thank You Father for those little thumps on the noggin when I do that, even if you do have to send a little bolt of lightnin with it 'cause sometimes I am more stubborn than others.

We all can get tired, self centered, forgetful and oh lackadaisical too. If I ever get down in the dumps and wonder about my salvation, does any body love me, am I going to make it, bla, bla, bla (yawwwwn) I have a flashback of one of them thumps and no doubt anymore. You definitely know me and love me Lord and have something for me to get done or You wouldn't be bothering with me, would You? I have a sneaky feeling He get's pleasure out'a thumping me every now and again. He must be think'n "How many times can this ole gal stick her finger to a hot stove before she remembers that it burns"

Yep, keep them promises, and just as important keep 'em "fresh" in your heart and be grateful when our Father reminds you with just a little thump - He has an endless supply of them lightnin bolts too, take it from me OUCH!


  1. YeP! We all get those thumps from time to time. I'm so grateful the Lord loves us enough to keep thumping.

    It's the parent who totally ignores his or her child's disobedience who doesn't love that child enough to be vigilant.

    Our God is the perfect parent.

    Love you,

  2. I think you and I are a lot alike. It wasn't too long as I made the comment to someone when they asked me if something I was doing was going to solve my problems, "No, maybe I'm my problem" I woke up the next morning and said "DUH, yeah, you are your problem so get over it already" I've been much happier ever since simply because I made up my mind to be.

  3. Amen Jean!

    And we must be Annie, "I am my worst own enemy", I'm pretty sure of that (LOL)


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