Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What a wonderful, crisp and fresh day today. Thank You Lord.

I opened the door this morning and felt the magnificence of it all.

The struggles of life seem to disappear on a day like today or at least, fall into the background. I needed a little break Father from stress and today You said OK CHILD HERE IT IS!

I am not going to whine today or fall apart, I am not going to allow stress in. I am not going to break down I promise. All day long I am going to praise You and Your Glory.

Ohhh! today just feels and smells so good. Above are a couple of pics of our holiday season so far. left click on the picture to blow it up and see it.

Thank You Lord, Amen


  1. Wow! And ho, ho, ho!

    Wish them all a Merry Christmas for me. I'm actually working on a Christmas card to send out. Maybe I'll get them in the mail by Jan. 1.

    PTL! for the changing of seasons--in weather and in life.


  2. It seems I've been missing posts all over the place. Love the positive attitude. Keep it up.


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