Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One Christmas in 1914

For those who didn't know, like me, One of the most magnificent and spirit filled Christmas's ever experienced was on Dec 24, Christmas Eve 1914.

You won't find the event in history books to date and it's not taught in public schools because it's about the true meaning of Christmas but after WWI began in 1914 and had gone on for about 4 months, something magnificent happened.

The event has now been accepted as a 'historical event' through documentation of 100's of letters written at the time and now produced by family members of the fighting men of WWI from all sides.

WWI was fought as they say "in the trenches". Miles of trenches were dug by the Germans and by the Allies.

After 4 months of a war that was established in the trenches (which was thought would be over in a matter of weeks) the men on both sides were sick, tired, dieing of disease, foot rot from the moisture, pneumonia and many things other than just a gun shot.

On Christmas Eve the men were resting and the German side of the trenches began to sing Silent Night in their language. Our men and allies recognized the tune, as they peered out to look they saw lights lining the trenches. They were trees with candles lit in them. The allies began to sing also in great number Silent Night in every language.

A German soldier when he heard us singing too, raised a white flag that said "You No Shoot, We no Shoot", one of ours raised a white flag also on the end of a rifle and an amazing and miraculous thing happened. The German soldiers came over into the trenches of the allies with cakes and cookies their families had sent and in turn our side did too. The men stopped the war right then and there, thinking only of the birth of Christ our Lord and love with sharing.

The men visited each other and laughed and shared for two weeks thereafter until the Generals of both sides commanded them to go back to war. It is said that they hugged each other and cried tears of pain as they turned, stepped back into the trenches and began to fire and kill each other again.

How simply, magnificently the war would have ended right then were it not for the governments. The men did not want to kill each other, they wanted the befriend each other. They stepped out of the governments control and simplified things so dramatically and it should have ended right then! But for the governments who, and only who, knew why they wanted these men to take each others lives, commanded them to fight again. Oh My Lord in heaven, what is wrong with us?

The war went on for four long years after the people, the fighting men made it clear that there could peace, that they did not want to kill each other because our governments could not settle the differences. Four long murderous years. How many died after that?

How many million's and million's have killed not knowing why and not wanting to because the men at the top can't settle their differences in a civilized manor. How many have died over money and property.

I closed my eyes and visualized the event and how awesome all of these men felt when they laid down their weapons and I cried tears of joy. Then I visualized them crying and hugging each other as they picked up their rifles and I cried again, tears of pain.

Lord God our Father You reached the hearts of thousands of thousands of people in one minute with one song, You are Awesome. You stopped a war dead in it's tracks and saved thousands of lives in one minute with one song. You are Awesome. You intervened Father, thank You!

I ask You Father to intervene now in the lives of all Americans, Allies and Enemies - stop them by stopping the governments and by sending a song of Your love and Your Son into the hearts of all. This Christmas Father can be as awesome and magnificent as that Christmas of 1914 and even more so. I'm ready for it Lord, I'm ready and this Christmas Eve I will be singing "Silent Night Holy Night" with that prayer in my heart and praying that the whole world is singing then too.



  1. Miawa,

    Hallmark has a beautiful Christmas movie named, "Silent Night." It tells a similar story during World War II. What a beautiful event. And a testimony to the power music has in our lives.

    I'm praying with you that the world will have Jesus' peace "within" so that there can be peace "between."

    Merry Christmas

  2. Oh my what a remarkable story. I've never heard this before. I see that Jean mentioned a movie about this, I will have to look for it, I would love to see it.


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