Friday, November 6, 2009

Keep on Keeping On

It's been a stressful week Lord and a Glorious one. Along with all the problems and situations comes You and Your answers to prayers. You always save us from ourselves when we are Yours if we but listen.

I keep saying "I'm too old for this Lord!" and You keep laughing at me and saying "Ha-ha! I guess I need to show you again that you are not". Why don't I listen? (LOL)

You are right Lord and I know it. Along with age you blessed me with a better understanding of people (through my own experiences), a kind of wisdom (from my experiences) and a calmness You have given me (because of my experiences). I am now suppose to use those as tools for You and every time I feel like crawling in a hole because of what is in front of me You Lord send me right into the battle and say "I gave You the tools girl, use them" and I find out that You are as always right.

I love You for every reason there is and for continuing to teach me, You have proved to me Lord that You won't quit, if I won't!


  1. Like a butterly, Miawa.

    Locked inside a chrysalys as a hairy little caterpillar.

    Wait. Wait. Wait.

    Then the struggling to break free. The struggling that strengthens the flight muscles so that, when the butterfly emerges, she has the strength to ride the currents and float up into the sky, the strength to dance from flower to flower.

    The LORD IS faithful.

    Love you,

  2. I love you, encouraging Big Sis


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