Monday, October 5, 2009

Have a Glorious Monday

I hope everyone had a nice, quiet weekend and relaxed.

Mine went just like that, we cooked out saturday night and I watched a movie I checked out from the llibrary along with 25 books for my grandson.

I love it Lord when things are calm and peaceful, I love it when I hear Your name and I love it when I am together with my family.

My neighbor is going in to the hospital Tuesday for a quad bypass he is an older man, not healthy as it is and all the strength he can gather will be necessary.

Remember him in your prayers please and pray for my sister J's husband's family. They are traveling to be with the family as a close relatives passes on. She is saved and will be home soon, but the family left behind will miss her. I am praying for their spiritual and emotional healing as they grieve after saying good-bye to her.

Grace and peace to each of you as you travel through this coming week.

Pray, love and share.


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  1. sounds like a perfect weekend, so sorry to hear about your sisters husbands relative.


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