Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thank You Father

Fall is in the air, I feel it every evening I smell it with the fresh clean breeze that rustles the leaves left on my sycamore. Leaves falling so fast it would require rakeing daily to keep them up.

This year I am raking together a lot of leaves but not hauling them off, I am going to use them in areas to cover and bed my gardens, to protect them from the cold.

My grandson this morning heard the rustling and said "that's weird, it sounds like it's raining but there's no rain" I replied, it's the sound of the leaves on the tree's being brushed by the wind Fall is here.

I love Fall, it's so calm and soothing. The temperature is the best all year, the air is the cleanest and things seem to slow down and take a break. And that atmosphere makes me want to do the same. It's a good time of year, for the earth and for us, it's good for us to slow down.

Thank You Father for the reminder

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