Friday, September 25, 2009

The Best Candy in the Box

I remember when at Christmas it was really common to get a box of Whitmans Candy for the family from someone.

What I most remember is looking in the box and seeing all the squashed candy, I really hated that! Back then you didn't get a diagram of the candy placement, you just took a bite and threw it away because it wasn't what you liked and went on to another piece or you squashed it to see what was in it.

Who wants a piece of candy that someone stuck their finger in, not me.

I'm thinking that's sort of the way we go through life, trying everything and learning by the process of elimination.

Some people are happy with whatever piece that grab out of the box and some of us have to check out every piece. God gave us all the right to do that with free-will, and some of us are just more adventurous and curious than other's. That curiosity can sure get us into a lot of trouble.

I wish I had learned earlier in life to be more in control of my desires, my "taste buds" but I didn't listen and I learned everything the hard way, squashing every piece of candy in the box.

Some brilliant person at some point in time came up with the bright idea of placing the diagram in the box and what some of us don't realize soon enough is that God had the monopoly on that idea a long, long time ago. Yep He gave us the diagram for life in His Holy Word. That's the place to be, "in His Word". To start as children learning from Christian Parents how to read and study His Word and use it as our diagram for life.

We all are born human with the desire to squash every piece but it's so much easier and more productive and considerate of others to just use the diagram.


  1. You know Miawa, I felt like your post here just gave me a great big thump in the head. I guess putting in terms of chocolat hit
    You make much sense my friend. it's time for me to stop squashing the pieces.

  2. You're so right. Be it curiosity or hard-headedness, some folks still choose to ignore the "diagram" and keep squashing their chocolates. And some are totally anal (like me) about knowing exactly what's in that chocolate before I'll touch it.


    I'm learning the secret is balance. Read the diagram, but every once in a while close my eyes and pop one in my mouth just to enjoy the surprise.

    Love you,

  3. I left an award for you on my blog. It goes out to both of your blogs because you inspire me in so many ways my friend.


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