Monday, August 3, 2009

Special days

My oldest daughter T and I had a mother-daughter lunch Saturday. It was wonderful.

As they get older and their children get older they have so much going on in their own lives with their own families it's difficult to have sharing moments so we set some aside. We had a really good time doing absolutely nothing.

We chose a place and met for lunch (hitting the buffet) and as we ate slowly and conversed a lot we shared laughs and stories, catching up with each other and other family members.

We had a "memory" I love that, I wrote a story once about my growing older with all my memories and being satisfied with that and wanting for others to have the same. I'm still collecting them, memories I mean.

The story is to long to post here but I meant every word of it and am so grateful for what is most precious to me - those memories, and am excited to keep adding to the little scrap book in my mind.

My children when young were special and now that they are no longer children they are special still and every memory is precious.
Make those moments happen! Don't wait for them.


  1. sounds like you had a good time. I should start doing a regular outing with my daughter.

  2. When mine were little I consciously set out to create memories. Now, I really need to create time, like you've done, to share those memories with them and their little ones.

    I'm convicted. I need to be just as intentional about spendng time with my adult children as I was when they were little, don't I?

    Thanks for that little slap in the face, Miawa.



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