Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Tuesday night and all I hear is silence, my favorite sound. Mom is at Jeans, Z is at his mom's and I have peace around me. It won't last long so I will take advantage of it and write. The thing I love to do maybe the most.

The last few weeks have been a little rocky for us here in Florida, my sister's son's wife was in the hospital with a serious infection, she is a diabetic. Also my sister CC was in the hospital with a TIA then her son V was hospitalized due to an accident/injury followed by surgery and today my sister Ju left the hospital with her daughter who had been kept overnight and released.

And I keep thinking of how grateful I am, no one was lost, each recovered, and everything is normal again (not that normal is all that great LOL). It seems like when it rains it pours doesn't it but then when the sun comes out again man it really shines!

Feeling bad, scared, disoriented all those things don't feel good when they are happening but they give us perspective. They teach us to appreciate when things aren't bad, scary or out of order for us.

Perspective, that's a good thing to have, you can see both sides of a situation and evaluate, allowing you to make better choices in your future.

Don't hang on to things that make you feel bad, kick it out of the way and fill that space with gratitude and appreciation.

The "Son" is always going to keep shining.

Thank You Lord Jesus, the Alpha and Omega, The light of the world, our King


  1. Remember that old saying, "As sure as the sun comes up every morning..." ?

    It may seem like the rain will never stop, like the ground is going to wash away under our feet, that the sun will never shine again, but...

    It does. The sun does come up and come out again. Thank you, Lord, for the breathers between the storms. Thank you that the SON is still shining somewhere behind those clouds.


  2. WOW, you had some craziness going on. Glad things have settled down.


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