Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm not Radical, Just not blind

I love my country, God Bless America, I love my family, I love my God and I can not sit in silence.

The world is changing bla, bla, bla some say evolving. I prefer the word "eroding". I don't prefer needing to use it but I prefer honesty and forthrightness.

The guessing is over, the drama has played out a million times over and Americans have slept through it, ignored it or danced all around it.

For those who sleep walk through life are you not getting it yet?

It has never been more evident that the attitudes and beliefs of the American population as a whole have "eroded" completely away from God than when we elected a Socialist as President of the United States and allowed him and his chosen cabinet to claim our rights to freedom.

You know, it hasn't been slow or quiet, Americans simply don't care. You will care, you will when soldiers knock on your door to take your 12 year old son's to be trained as socialist soldiers, you will care when you have to wait 8 weeks for medical treatment (even if you are terminal), when you wait 8-12 hours in a clinic to be seen for a cold or appendicitis.

You will care when your every day supplies are rationed to you and you are told not only what car to own but what building to live in. Your childlren or grandchildlren will be jailed for refusing to let go of the name of God, to dare to say His Holy name in public.

How much closer does it have to get to your front door before you hear the knock?

Believe, Pray, Love, Trust, but that's not enough, it's only a beginning. God can but will not sit up in the heavens and wave his magic wand to fix everything and send us back to the garden of Eden, no. He needs soldiers, one's to say GOD, Jesus, Christ, out loud, shouting it from the hill tops and standing for God no matter what the consequences.

No God in school, no God in government buildings,no Christmas religous representations in your government buildings, school books with mom and mom as the parents of Dick and Jane, no private auto or medical businesses, no private banks, no private schools, IT'S NOT COMING, IT'S HERE. You are only breaths away from loosing everything God gave us and you are sleeping through the battle hoping God will decide to come today. Well He is going to come at the same and original time that was known to only Him eons ago, He is not coming because you made a personal request.

Prayer is not enough, trusting is not enough, God wants all of that and more! Please wake up and see, take a stance and trust God to care for your soul but let Him trust You to take care of His children.

How much closer does it have to get? Did you ever imagine that the F... word would be perfectly acceptible in public and that the word God would be "the dirty word" Well it happened, on our watch.

Get on your knees America but don't stay there, stand up and fight. Say His name out loud, where His name on you like adornment, refuse to let your child be educated by them, march and sing his praises, Force this government to put the name of God back into education and public halls - VOTE, demand, do it anyway.

For heavens sake people, go to meetings, write blogs, letters to editors, put sign's in your yards, march on city hall or the whitehouse, join an activist group, run for political office, become a Christian militant...but WAKE UP and stop doing nothing stop just waiting. Look at where that has got us.

I saw a sign in a neighbors yard near me two days ago, "Don't believe the Conservative rederick, don't fall for their scare tactics, Obama will save us" Oh my Lord in heaven, my Lord "You" are who will save us YOU. I got sick and then angry and then just blew up when I saw and read it. Then the anger turned to us who know better - where is the sign in our yard that says the truth "Believe the truth, God will save us, not Obama" and clean your firearms!

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  1. I'm wondering just how far we'll slide and just how fast.



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