Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I changed...

I changed the picture and words in my Blog Title. The photo I took in my sister CC's garden.

She had beautiful rich green bell peppers and red ones. She had Habanero and jalapeno's. She grew tomato's, large juicy, cherry and others, also okra and I don't remember what else.

Her garden was very productive and beautiful this year and I loved the picture of her squash, it's just a perfect flower waiting to be a perfect squash.

I'm an imperfect flower Lord and I am waiting to be a perfect squash when I get to heaven and see You. I just want to keep growing until I get there.
Keep the critters from devouring me, protect me, keep me in the light of Your Word and out of the darkness and feed me what I need to grow Lord


  1. It is beautiful. And so are you. But I know what you mean.

    Lord, me, too, please. I'm in line right behind Miawa.

    In Jesus' name. For Jesus' sake.

  2. Nicely put and I love the quote you used at the top of your page.


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