Friday, July 24, 2009

High, Low, Whatever!

I gave blood this week and along with that you receive your free Tshirt plus your blood pressure reading, heart rate and cholesterol check.

OK, I'm pretty 'large' (fat) and when my results were given me, the young phlebotomist kept saying "perfect", "perfect", and she said it with almost shock in her voice each time. It was pretty close to insulting.

The people in the United States and other countries have decided that being over weight has to mean that you are unhealthy and killing yourself and that's not true. Oh it's not the best thing for you I'm sure but neither is starving your body, stressing over it constantly and depriving yourself of pleasures either.

When I first started accepting and learning about working for the Lord I was so STRESSED, I constantly 'metered' myself and felt guilt and was overwhelmed by every move I made. It was a horrible existence (like what people do with their bodies). I had no joy only fear and guilt. It took me quite a while to learn to just stop that and how ridiculous it was, that was not what God wanted from me.

Now I know "I'm only human" like it or not I'm stuck with it for now. You can't be overwhelmed by every mistake, every slip-up, you just move on. My favorite words now are "oops Lord" then I smile, feel Him smile back and we go again.
Our Lord God is very accepting and forgiving and has a wonderful sense of humor I think He gets upset (or frustrated) with us for being so upset - just move on!

I'm thinking that people do the same thing and cause high blood pressure by worrying so much over having high blood pressure. Don't do that to yourself with your body or your spirit. Let go and let God have it and move on, "Oops" works for me.

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  1. I do a lot of "oopsing," too. I'm going to send this link to someone I love dearly who needs to learn this lesson along with us.

    Thanks, Miawa, for saying it so well.



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