Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I made this guy

Yep I created this little guy - he is a character for a children's book. Doesn't look like much does he?

The original point of the project was to create an object myself and make it look 3 dimensional, OK he's not perfect. So he's not exactly right yet but I'm still working on it. I want him to look happy or sad showing any expressions without a face. Hmmm! it's going to have to be in the eyes isn't it?

I started creating him a few weeks ago and am still working. I realized while creating him what I wanted him to be - the character of a children's book I'm working on.

"God's Hugs are Smooshy Like a Smarshysmellas" I have a lot of work to do like, a lot!

What has occurred to me while creating this little guy is that I am so simple and inadequate and unimaginative compared to God, a mere nothing. In an instant God created man, and He made him perfect. Imagine that.

A perfect creation until Satan knocked and we answered.

It has taken me weeks to create a simple bubble character. Thank You God for being The Creator and the King.

I love how You remind me daily in even the simple things that You are Our God. Keep reminding me, everywhere I look and in every thing I do. Amen Father


  1. Your little guy is so cute

  2. Amazing--

    Your little guy, but mostly God.

    He's sooooo super intelligent, super creative, super powerful, super amazing!

    Love you,


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