Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Saturday

I haven't spoke much about these wonderful kids lately because I haven't really known what to write.

There has been decention here between the parents and that ends up being the children's problem unfortunately. As my sister Jean has responded more than once, "Lord forgive us for what we do to our children".

The children aren't playing together and aren't coming to Sunday School because of their parents. I realize it wasn't necessary that they attend 'our' little group it was an outreach for them because the parents didn't take them to Sunday School anywhere else.

My prayer was always that the parents would wake up and the entire family attend a church of their choice and I am afraid that is not happening here.

Satan has a way of worming in the tiniest little crevice when you give him an inch - he takes a mile. Please be praying for these children and their families as they make the choices they make now which interfere with God's love for these children and pray that our little group comes back or even better spreads out to a house of God where they belong.
My love for all, and my request for prayers from each of you.
On May 7th, National Day of Prayer as we pray for our Government, our people and our families please pray for this little group too.


  1. that's too bad that the kids have stopped with the sunday school. It sounded like they were injoying it so much. I will keep them and their families in my prayers

  2. Yes, Lord. Help these children. Send them Your Word. Plant Your seeds in their hearts, Lord.

    In Jesus' sweet name, I pray.



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