Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yesterday, UH UH! Not a good day

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These beautiful children that I am blessed with here, for the most part have some kind of issue. One has AS Autism, one has ADHD, another has ADD get the picture?
Yesterday was not a good day here in our small community of little people.

I use to work as a substitute in the public school system and as things went on it was discovered by the special classes in two schools that I worked very well with not only the teachers but the kids in these classes. I was requested by those teachers constantly. I so much enjoyed those children and was completely exhausted each day also. I learned so much and now believe that it was part of God's plan in preparing me for His plans.

I have had other parents ask me (because of my child's AS) how do you deal with the teachers? Having been on both sides of the fence I really have an answer for that - a long one. To break it down it's accepting your child's limits and allowing your expectations to fit those, most parents as I did, have real issues doing that. It is trying to understand why the teacher has to make the decisions she does because she has multiples of "your child" to teach, handle and control - big job! Instead of questioning the teacher - ask: what can I do at home to reinforce what you had to do here in the class?

Understand that removing your child from the class today (parents get real upset) is not a form of punishment it is a form of control to aide all of the children and maintain a healthy and safe environment conducent to learning.

I have spent many conversations informing parents that these disorders when in a group of children, are like a virus - contagious, quick acting and very unhealthy. These children all behave good or all bad. It's an instant virus. To control and maintain you have to quickly remove the child in a melt-down and continue with the class.

That said, it works the same way around here but I don't have a classroom environment or the parents permission to control which means I can't always step in.

Jacob was a whining, crying, fussing, arguing, screaming out of control child all evening. Zachary was in an authoritative mode with a great lack of understanding and Jimmy, Jimmy decided to take something from my yard (without permission), break into my place (through locks) and proceed to go to a nearby store and steal the owners cell phone. She has gps on her phone and simply connected with another cell and drove right to where he was by tracking her own phone, busted! Angel was much louder and less patient than he normally is. Yep, it was quite a day here - remember the virus I told you about, IT'S TRUE.

Knowing that I couldn't control them I separated them. Made them leave and spend alone time which often helps. These children can't let go they have to follow their own thought process and asimilate for their selves and find their way back to a peaceful state.

Lord thank you for these children and letting me love them, thank You for even the tough days, it let's me see into them and allows me to help them. Thank You for how many wonderful days there are compared to the few tough one's. I'm praying that You give us a way to reach each other and see each other through this and You find a way to reach into their sweet little hearts and show Yourself to them so boldly they can't mistake Your love for anything else. Teach them and teach me, I am ready to learn and to share. Amen

Jimmy is in real trouble, I don't know what his dad is going to do with him. Jacob will be in a different state of mind today and so will Angel. Zachary already is, he's doing fine today.

So we spend time mending the broken threads and sewing new pieces with stronger stitches into our little quilt of growth with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to guide every stitch - we will grow.


  1. You are so much stronger and braver than I am. Yes, I spent almost 30 years in the classroom or school environment. But only occasionally dealt with a child with special "issues."

    God, pour grace by the buckets full onto Miawa. Dump it out of your heavens and drench her with your love, your mercy, your courage, your strength, your refreshing grace.


  2. Thank you Jean I love and appreciate it when you pray for me, thank you.

  3. It most definatley takes a special kind of person to be able to reach out to those with special needs. How lucky your little group of children is to have you there for them. And how lucky you are to be blessed with the ability to understand them.

  4. Thanks Ann and I truly am blessed by their presence.


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