Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Fearless Kids

Crystal and Jimmy
The fearsome dragon that these fearless kids, Angel (not pictured) and Z made with clay

Crystal made me a pic "I love you" and went in a hung it on my fridge.

Crystal and Jimmy coloring and reading

Jacob and Z made this fantastic sand castle with a "moon sand" play kit

Jacob and Zachary beginning the building of their masterpiece (above pic)

Zachary, Sabrina, Nadine and Sarina (pouting, always about something)

Not pictured (yet) are Jr, Nick, Angel, Sid

These are some wonderful kids I have written about them before and just felt like sharing a few pics of a few of them they are great to be around and the most awesome examples of God's love to us. Hope these put a smile on your face, they do mine daily.
Thanks my "Angel" for the box of awesome stuff for them.

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  1. You're right-they are beautiful. They are God's gift to you right now, huh?

    And you are God's gift to them.

    We all need SOMEONE who loves us totally, unconditionally, eternally.

    Love you,


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