Monday, December 15, 2008

Like Children

Good Morning, it's Monday the fresh start to a new week and Lord I could sure use that!

I'm so glad you gave us weekends. We had a lot of fun Sunday, all the kids came over. They played and played with all the goodies You sent us. It is such a refreshing blessing to be around a group of loving kids. We grown ups have so many burdens and problems that weigh us down we forget all about laughing and smiling sometimes.

They get upset about something or with each other and in 5 minutes they are playing and participating again. All the bad stuff just escapes them. They live through horrible decisions and choices made by the adults in their lives and just start all over again.

I could certainly take a lesson from them couldn't 'we'.

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  1. Such beautiful kids!

    Yes, we could learn from them. Learn to forgive. Learn to bounce back. Learn to enjoy the moment. Learn to trust others. Learn to giggle and not feel guilty about it.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with 'your kids.'



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