Monday, December 29, 2008

Letting Go

Lord how do you tell someone else how to "let go and give it to God"?

I have pondered over that question this week because of a crisis of someone very close to me. I know there have been so many times when I was trying to figure that out that I myself said "OK Lord I give it to You". And felt no resolve.

I have learned for myself, that I only actually do the "giving over" when I find that quiet place in my heart. When nothing else is in my heart or mind, that's when I am really giving it over to God. I don't know how to tell someone else how to do that. It's something you finally discover because you feel the difference when it happens. I guess when you are truly ready, when you opened that place in your heart the Holy Spirit moves in and teaches you.

Once you have experienced it, you really know what it means but telling someone else how to get there I guess isn't possible for us. God the Father has to bring you there. Sometimes He gets us there so gently and sweetly because we let Him. Sometimes He has to push us over a cliff before we are through tossing it about and trying to fix it ourselves. But if we let Him whether He has to be mild or tough He will get us there.

Lord You know how many times you have had to knock me down just so You could reach out with Your sweet gentle hand to pick me up again and You know how many times You have had to give a good thump to remind me of Your teachings and thank You Jesus for doing whatever You had to, to show me where that quiet and calm place in my heart is. It's the nicest place I know - it's when I have finally given "up" and let go of all but You, that I can finally give it "to" You, and each time You take control and show me exactly how it should be.

You are truly Awesome and Powerful and Majestic.


  1. After reading this I had to share with you my experience with letting go. I learned how to do that when I was attending al anon meetings and was introduced to the simple phrase "Let go and let God". It was amazing how 4 little words repeated over and over again in my head when I was at my weakest points could bring such relief.

  2. It is amazing, and wonderful Ann. Thanks for sharing that.


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