Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Tomorow

You will never guess what I am listening to right now, White Christmas - the Bing Crosby version. It is such a sweet sounding song. With or without his voice it's just beautiful. I am really ready for the holiday's this year really ready to enjoy. I'm not worried about the shopping or gifts for some reason I am just in tune with the spirit of Christmas this year.

No sadness, no confusion, no worries! I can't wait to see the lights everywhere and take beautiful pictures. I know there will be a lot of crosses and nativities this year, I just know it.

Now Oh Little Town of Bethlehem is playing, "yet in the dark street shineth, the everlasting light" "the hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight" Oh Lord how wonderful it feels to know that. It's unexplainable, the feeling.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am ready to have the biggest meal of the year. Turkey and all the fixins - whooooo! I can taste it already. I can't wait to get to the baked sweet- potato and the collards and sweet cornbread.

"It Came upon a midnight Clear"... "Peace on the earth good will toward men from Heavens all gracious King" it simply sounds different this year, a very pleasant difference that I pray every one of you feel this year. Letting go of all the material things and just feeling Christmas instead of seeing it. It's certainly a peaceful feeling. Yeah! Letting it be a heart thing not a visual thing.

Don't worry I'm not going to sit here and go through the whole CD, it's just the first time I have brought out the Christmas music and listened this season so bare with me. I am having fun listening to it right now.

Lord Thank You that family can gather and enjoy each other, an opportunity to share good food, love, and You. Keep us all safe as we travel and encourage us as we gather to remember and speak of the reason we will all be together, You.

Happy Thanksgiving Father and everyone else who reads this, HAPPY Thanksgiving.


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